Famous Food in Rajasthan

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Many a time I am asked what are the Famous food in Rajasthan from my friends living in other parts of India. And I always told them that there are so many dishes that I can’t tell you over the phone.

But still, I have to give them something.

So I generally tell them, that the most famous food in Rajasthan is Daal Baati Churma, Bajre Ki Roti, Kadhi Chawal and Gatte Ki Sabji, but this is just one-fourth of the list. Let’s see: 

What The Royal Land of Rajasthan has to offer to its guest?

Due to the scarcity of Water, most of the food items contain dairy product and when I say that I mean “Ghee”, it is an inevitable part of Rajasthani cuisine.

So if you are trying to lose weight. Well! Let’s just forget about that part when you are in Royal Land and ask for more food for this time

Rajasthan cuisine
is famous all over the world and why not! No one else knows the art of using Indian spices other than Rajasthani folks.

Famous Food In Rajasthan: 20+ Absolute Delight

1. Daal Baati Churma – Most Famous Rajasthani food

Daal Baati Churma is like a synonym to Rajasthani Food and is the most famous food in Rajasthan. Be it a wedding or a small event, Daal Baati Churma has to be there.

Baati is prepared from a wheat dough and baked in a specially prepared fireplace (the fireplace is made of cow dung and woods). Once Baati is taken out of the fireplace it is broken partially such that is doesn’t break into half and then it is dipped inside Ghee.

Daal is made elsewhere. This dual combo is the most famous dish in Rajasthan. It is served with sweet Churma to balance the taste as Dal is somewhat spicy.

2. Ker Sangri

This is also a Signature dish of Rajasthan. A typical Rajasthani curry that will make you ask more and more of it. It has a tangy taste and best served with Bajra Roti.

3. Laal Maas – Spiciest Rajasthani Food

The most famed Non-Vegetarian dish of Rajasthan is Laal Mass. Laal means Red and the reason it got this name is that of the red colored gravy prepared using red chilies.

Pro tip
: Make sure to have a glass of water near you if you are not used to of eating spicy food.

4. Bajre Ki Roti

While in Rajasthan don’t miss this famous Chapati called Bajre Ki Roti. These are flatbreads made from Pearl Millet flour often accompanied with Gud (Jaggery) during winters and enough of Ghee over it. Pearl Millet is very healthy and helps in constipation and indigestion. Accompany it with Chaach or Laasi.

5. Mohan mass

This is something out of the box kind of dish. Ever thought of eating meat prepared in milk. Yes! Mohan Maas is prepared in milk and mild spices which makes it soft and juicy. I can bet over this after eating it once your body will crave for more.

6. Ghewar – Most Famous Sweet in Rajasthan

Ghewar is one of the Gems of Rajasthani sweets, it is a disc-shaped sweet dish that is surely going to rule your heart for ages. It comes in different variant Plain Ghewar, Mawa Ghewar, and Malai Ghewar. Mawa And Malai ghewar is the one you should aim for.

7. Lassi – Most Famous Drink In Rajasthan

Lassi is very popular among the Northern part of India and so in Rajasthan. But Rajasthani lassi is a bit different from Punjab’s lassi. It has kesar, nuts, cream, and butter added in it to give it a heavenly taste. During summer this is a lifesaver for the people of Rajasthan.

8.  Mirchi vada

Mirchi Vada is a popular street snack in Rajasthan originated from Jodhpur. It is made by green peppers stuffed with masala aloo filling & then deep fried. Usually served with a tangy tomato sauce and accompanied with Tea makes a perfect breakfast.

9. Sohan Halwa

When you come to Rajasthan and doesn’t taste the World famous Sohan Halwa of Ajmer seems to be a pretty unfair deal. Unlike other Halwa, it is solid in nature.

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10. Gatte Ki sabji

It is an authentic dish from Rajasthani cuisine, a delicious curry prepared with gram flour. Gate means cooked gram flour dumplings which are dipped in spicy curd to make an irresistible curry.

11. Rajasthani Kadhi-Chawal – Most Famous Food in Rajasthan

Kadhi is made in many parts of India, but Rajasthani kadhi includes more spices and is Tangier in taste. Kadhi Chawal (Rice) is a very popular and deadly combination in Rajasthan. A must try during a trip to Rajasthan.

12. Kachori – Most Famous Snack in Rajasthan

Kachori is one of the most famous breakfast or evening snack in Rajasthan. 3 of the most famous Kachoris of Rajasthan.

  • Mawa Kachori:
    If you ever come to Rajasthan and not eat Mawa Kachori, you will miss the most delicious part of Rajasthan. Mawa Kachoris are different than other Kachori. Mawa Kachori is prepared by filling dry fruits and khoya inside flour dough and then dipped inside sugar syrup. After that, it is deep fried to get soft & sweet kachori.
  • Pyaaz Kachori:
    is filled with Onions (Pyaaz), potatoes & spices. Rajasthani’s are fond of Pyaaz Kachori & have it in their daily breakfast. It goes well with tea.
  • Kota Kachori:
    The craze for this Kachori in Kota is something unexplainable. These kachoris are smaller in size than regular ones. Served with tangy tomato and pudina chatnis.

13. Gujia

Holi is coming and we should make Gujia.

One of my favorite sweets that comes into existence during the festive seasons of Holi and Diwali. Filled with dry fruits and khoya and given a unique shape these are some irresistible sweets that one must try.

14. Milk Cake or Kalakand

People of Alwar city of Rajasthan are very obsessed with their Milk Cake. And why not it is a delicious sweet that is spawning its market across India.

15. Balushahi

Balushahi is a donut-shaped sweet dish of Rajasthan. It is fluffy, soft and filled with sugar syrup inside. It is one of the famed sweet dishes of Rajasthan.

16. Pappad Ki Sabji

Paapad is a thin, crunchy, disc-shaped Indian food. It is eaten all over India but its curry is made only in Rajasthan. It is made by frying Paapad and then sauteing it in gravy made of curd and tomatoes.

17. Boondi Raita

Boondi Raita is something that most of the Rajasthani folks accompany in their daily food routine. It is a sweetened, fried chickpea flour that is sprinkled over sour yogurt. One spoonful of it will send you to heaven.

18. Aam Ki launji

Rajasthan is the hottest state in India and summers are deadly here, so to remain healthy under these conditions Aam (Mango) ki launji comes to rescue. It is pickle made with unripe mango eaten with Roti.

19. Chaach

Chaach or Buttermilk is an inevitable part of food in Rajasthan during the summers. I have seen many people drinking more than 1ltr of Chaach with their food.

20. Panchadhari & Ghotua Ladoos

Although, Rajasthan is the Hottest state of India. But the winters here are also bone freezing here, so to keep the body warm Ladoos are made. Panchadhari & Ghotua are the most famous of them, they are almost similar the only difference is the flour used. One is made of Gram and other from wheat flour.

21. Malpua

It is a traditional Indian sweet dish from Rajasthan. An indulgent dessert for festive occasions. Malpua is fried pancakes, which are fluffy from inside and crispy from outside. Often served with Rabri.

22. Bikaji Bhujia

Bikaji bhujia is famous all over India, whether any Guests arrived or there is a party (I guess you know what kind of party) this bhujia has to be there. It was invented in Bikaner city of Rajasthan that’s why it got to name as Bikaji Bhujia.

How many of them have you tried?

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