Hidden Places In Jaipur

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Jaipur is one of the most popular tourist spots in India that attracts a lot of visitors.

But still there are many hidden places in Jaipur that not everyone tells you about.

I always had an urge to explore the lesser known places in Jaipur during my college time and I didn’t leave any chance to do so and I found these 9 unexplored places in Jaipur. Hope this helps you out.

9 Hidden Places In Jaipur: Explore the Unexplored

1. Garh Ganesh

Garh Ganesh temple is one of the most overlooked places of Jaipur.

Situated on the top of a hill this place does give a bit of hard time to your legs going up the hill stairs by stairs.

But once you reach the top the view is worth the struggle.

More than that you can seek blessings from the Hindu God, Ganesh Jee.

This is one of the top most hidden places in jaipur.

2. Galta temple

Galta temple was once featured on NatGeo Channel as ” The Monkey Temple” due to the abundance of monkey in & around the temple region. It is located on delhi-agra highway.

This place is serene, almost hiding among the mountains.

Galta Ji Temple

You will have to go uphill first and then ascend down to reach the temple.

A hidden place in Jaipur that is insanely beatuiful and surely a must visit in Jaipur.

There is a holy pond too here that is blessed to have water throughout the year.

3. Amer lake

Local people call it as one of the best kept secret of Jaipur.

Often called as Sagar lake, it is sandwiched between Amer Fort and Jaigarh Fort in such a way that it is not easily visible.

It is surely an unexplored place in Jaipur that have experienced very less amount of tousrist footfalls that lies somewhere on the way to Ankokhi Mueseum.

Do pay a visit to this hidden place of Jaipur.

4. Chulgiri Jain Temple

Chulgiri Temple is located on Delhi – Agra Highway.

A beautiful place that is sadly overlooked by tourists.

There are around 1000’s of stairs up to the temple and it surely is a bit tiring task, but there is saying that “difficult roads often lead to beautfiul destinations” which sets perfectly here.

Chulgiri Jain Temple

The view from the top is uncomparable.

5. Chandlai Lake

Chandlai lakes fall somewhere on Tonk Road on Kota-Jaipur Highway.

It is located a bit outskirts of Jaipur that is the main reason it remains a hidden place in Jaipur.

Going to this place will take you inside the rural lifestyle of Rajasthan.

Chandlai Lake - Hidden places in Jaipur

Surely heaven for bird watchers, as a lot of migratory birds, come here during winters. So if you want to go off the beaten paths, this is the place to go for.

6. Trek the mountain infront of Amer.

This has been my perfect “Go to place” in Jaipur whenever I had no one to accompany me.

There is a small mountain just a few meters away from the main entrance of Amer Fort that you can trek upto which not many people knows about.

Amer Trek - hidden places in jaipur

From here you can get the top view of Amer and can also see Chulgiri Temple. Make sure to take some food item as well as water, it is a tough ask. Believe me!

7. Kanota dam

Kanota Dam is one of the most hidden as well as least explored places of Jaipur.

One of the main reason being its distance from the main city.

And there is not any such thing to be seen here.

But the view here is extremely beautiful and if you want to spend some time with your crazy gang this is the place you should be at.

8. Sambhar Lake

Sambhar Lake doesn’t really comes under Jaipur, it is situated almost 85 kms away from Jaipur towards Ajmer.

But it is easily accesible to reach here on a motorbike.

The vast land of white sand desert, gives you the feel of Rann of Kutch.

Sambhar Lake
That’s me and my gang, having the just about to sunrise moment.

And spending a night there is always a good idea. As the small town of Sambhar is not yet corrupted by pollution and you can expereince a night full of stars here.

9. Abhaneri

Abhaneri holds a very significant history in itself.

A historical town that is located almost 95 kms from Jaipur stays a mystery for many.

Chand Baori of Abhaneri is one of the most famed Step well of India.

These step wells were used to store water as well as keep it cool.

Abhaneri Dausa

No Doubt!!! one of the largest steps well with around 3500 steps and 13 stories is surely going to amaze you with its brilliant architecture.


So these were the 9 hidden places in Jaipur or you can say the least visited places from Jaipur. Hope you loved the article and if it helped you in anyway do share it with others too.

And also let us know which place are you excited to visit in your trip to Jaipur??

Let Your Friends Know about it too.Sharing is caring!


  1. It’s great places u mention i had visited there. Can u also tell some of places like this within the city of Jaipur that r not visited much but are woth to take a round

    • Hey Mohit, happy to see that you liked the places I have mentioned.

      As I see most of the places are within Jaipur only like Garh ganesh, galta temple, trek in front of Amer.

      Let me know what you are looking in particular

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