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How to make money while traveling – I wish someone told me this when I was younger

Do you love traveling and you have been trying to find ways to make money while traveling.

Well I have tried my best to write about everything from my experience to searching over it online and put it in this blog post to help you out to make you enough money to fund your next trip.

Before you start I want to tell you one thing straightforward.

If you have come here to find ways that make money instantly and without making any efforts. I’m afraid this post isn’t for you.

I have further divided this post into two parts for different travellers.

I believe that there are two kinds of traveler ( not talking about tourists here, I guess you know the difference between a traveler and a tourist), one who enjoys traveling and keep finding reasons to travel and the other being who lives for traveling.

The first part is for both kind of traveller and the second one is obviously for the one who lives to travel.

Ways To Make Money While Traveling

1. Content Writing

Believe it or not this is the most easiest way to make money while traveling and after the boost which india is experiencing in travelling since last decade the need of travel writers is in high demand.

How does it benefit travel companies to hire freelance travel writers like us?

Basically, there are two reasons:

  • The content that you will provide them will be an original experience and their audience will connect more with it which will help the company ultimatily.
  • Freelancers are cheaper than hiring full-time content writers.

That’s a good thing for you as a traveller, that they are in need of content writers and you can proivde it.

Let me tell you a cool trick to find out which company is in need of travel writers.

Just type this in Google:

Write for us + Travel
Need writers + Traveling

Or what you can do is:

Search for Travel companies
Go to their career section and check if they are in need of traveler writers.

Also, I found this great article that has the list of Travel Companies which pays to newbies also.

2. Photography

I don’t know what but photography has spread like fire in the woods in India from the last 5-7 years or literally speaking after YJHD.

But whatever be the reason if you are a photographer it can make you real money for sure.

There are many sites where you can upload your picuters and see people buying it.

I was shocked to see that not much people try it & they have this attitude about these sites that they will never make them money.

But the surprising truth is thousands of photographer are making enough money out of it.

You need to take good photographs for sure to make people buy it. Try to be creative with your photographs and keep a check on what kind of photographs are sold more.

People outside India generally have a soft spot for Forts of India and these kind of photos gets sold out like anything(this is a bonus tip I have provided you).

Sites Where You Can Upload Photos:

  1. 500px
  2. Shutterstock
  3. Getty Image

3. Youtube

Well, Youtube is something that might not make you money fast, but videos are what people will never get bored of. Everyone loves travel videos.

People don’t start YouTubing thinking that it’s too saturated and competitive, well there are billions of people out there and the numbers are still growing.

There is always an audience waiting to watch your videos.

If you spend a little time daily in learning video making and editing. It won’t take you long to learn those skills.

If you add your voice in the background expalining things, about how you reached the place, in which hotel you stayed, what was the cost and information related to this, people will love it.

You can also upload it on other video channels like Vimeo. It is the hot pot right now.

4. Sell Videos – And Make money while traveling

This is something new ofcourse. Videos are always a better way to connect with people.

If you are good at making videos. You can always reach out to big you tube channels based on traveling and pitch your offer.

You can also make videos for the hotel or hostel you stay in and sell it to them (This is something very new that you won’t find anywhere else, grab on it ASAP).

5. Buy Local Things and Sell Online

This is very simple yet a very effective way to earn money. As a traveler, we all know that every place has a specialty about itself.

Let me make it more clear to you:

Like In Kashmir, the woolen clothes, Kesar etc. are cheaper than the rest of India.

For another example, You can get very cheap Handicrafts in Rajasthan.

So the thing is to buy local things from the place you visit in bulk and sell them online. Do some research about the thing you are going to buy like its popularity and trends.

6. Travel Blogging

Well, people make Blogging look a very easy way to make money, it might be easy 10-15 years back, but let me be honest with you, these days its very hard to get visitors to your site with too much competetion.

But if you are consistent with your blog post and provide real and informational value to your visitors and promote your blog, after a few months you will get traction for sure.

It is not an impossible task and the best part about blogging will be that you will be your own boss in this.

You can always start a free blog and keep blogging in the background once you have enough content and you see that people are liking your content you can switch to selfhosted blog.

Checkout – Best time to visit Rajasthan

A travel blog might also get you a job in a Travel firm or someone might hire you as a freelance writer, seeing your work.

And plus it will make you a better content writer.

So, blogging is always a Win- WIn situation

Ways to Make Money while traveling for those who live to travel.

The ways mentioned above were for the casual travellers who likes to travel now and then and can be used by anyone.

But only a few ways mentioned above are able to generate money instantly and the travellers who are constantly travelling can’t wait for their cheque to come in.

They need money instantly.

So these are some ways how you can manage to make money and also arrange for food and other expenses.

( If you are thinking to turn into a full-time traveler, do one thing just take ample amount of money that you need to get a return ticket and few extra bucks to stay in a hostel for the first night. After spending that money you will be left with only the money that you have for your return tickets. Now when you won’t be having any money on yourself. You will give your 100% to make some money )

These are the ways:

A). Become a Guide – Start with a place you have been to earlier and is very well known with the surroundings.

Go to the small tour and travel companies that provide Guide and tell them your story that you have been to this place quite a few times, & can work as a guide and in exchange you will charge them lesser money than usual guides.

B ). Offer Your Services to Restaurant or Hostels or Hotels

You can always ask to work in Restaurants or hostels. The work can be simply anthing from table waiting to welcoming guests at airport or railway station.

Take them out to show around markets and famous places.

These new hostel chains and backpacker hostels are always looking for volunteers.

C). Website Making and SEO

If you happen to know how to make a website or things about SEO, you can offer your services to small business out there.

First let them know how things like website and SEO is going to help them get more customers and how you can provide it to them at very low cost.

Provide SEO lectures of 2-3 Hours everyday at the hostel you stay, this can earn you some money instantly.

D). Have Followers on Social Media

Social Media is a great tool to connect to people and for business minded people, it is the best way to connect to its customer and showcase their products.

If you have a good number of following on Instagram, things can get easier for you.

Before leaving for any place, search for few Hotels or hostels and try to contact the owners and tell them that you are traveling to their city in near future (exact date) and you have a good number of followers on Instagram and you can do a promotional post for them which will give them a lot of exposure and attract more customers and in return you ask for a stay at their place.


These were some legitimate ways to make money while traveling. If you liked this post, do share it with fellow travel mates and definitely try these methods and let everyone know which one worked for you the best.

If you think there are other ways to make money, please share your views in the comment section.

Let Your Friends Know about it too.Sharing is caring!

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