Best Photographers From Kota

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Are you looking for photographers from Kota to follow on Instagram?

You have come to the right place!

I have tried to find the best photographers from Kota but if you think I missed out on someone equally talented, do let us know through comment or Instagram.

<NoteI am no one to give them ranking so the numbering is done randomly, everyone is exceptionally good at what they do.>

The last photographer on the list is different from rest of all. So read the whole article.

With further Ado, Let’s peep into the list of Photographers from Kota to Follow on Instagram.

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Best Photographers from Kota to Follow on Instagram.

1. Zishan Pathan

There is a saying “A good artist is someone who copies but a great artist is one who creates”. Because when it comes to creativity it can’t be learned and this boy is truly a great example of the saying.

One of the most creative photographers from Kota & his creativity is what reflects in his photos.

If you are not following him yet, what are you even doing on Instagram?

Ohh! Bdw it’s @zishan_pathan.

2.Shivaksh Sharma

Shivaksh Sharma, a solo traveler, speaker, photographer and most importantly good at heart, is one of the famous photographers from Kota who is growing with each day.

His post editing skills are what he is best at apart from his perspective.

One of his best work is capturing the Lunar Eclipse that went viral over Instagram.

I guess if you are from Kota you might have come across his insta handle @shivaksh.sharma.

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3. Shantanu Sharma

Although he is from Sawai Madhopur, a neighboring city, but frequently visits Kota.

Want to know the essence of village life have a look at his photos from Jalore and you will be mesmerized by the beauty he has been able to capture.

Daring at heart goes wherever it takes to get a good shot.

His Insta Handle says – @nature_wayfarer

Cool Name though!

4. Nitesh Jangid

Looking for some offbeat destinations in and around Kota. Follow this amazing guy and he will show you the hidden beauty of Kota and nearby places.

You think you have been to all the places in Kota! Haaan?

I bet you look at his Insta handle once and you might be surprised with still so much to explore.

A devotee of Bhole puts freedom as the first priority.

Insta handle – @jangid.nitesh

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Next 3 is the Pack Of Wildlife Photographers From Kota

5. Ravindra Singh Tomar

Ravindra Singh Tomar is someone who needs no introduction, A mentor, of many aspiring and young talented photographers, is himself a great wildlife and nature photographer.

Looking straight into the eyes of Sloth bear and taking a shot is not everyone’s cup of Tea.

I’m surprised at how he takes such a close shot of Waterfalls every time.

Insta Handle – @ravindrasingh.tomar

6. Mann Arya

Another big name in the wildlife photography is Mann Arya, someone who is purely dedicated to Wildlife photography.

His one shot that made me his fan was of a Gharial’s baby on its mother’s nostril. Have you seen it?

It takes a lot of dedication as well as courage to go so close to these ferocious creatures.

Insta Handle- @mannan.arya

7. Aadil Saif

A young talent in the field of Wildlife photography is winning hearts of people around with every passing day.

The name is Aadil Saif.

His insta profile is filled with breathtaking taking photos of Snakes apart from other wildlife creatures.

If wildlife is your thing try to learn from him & keep up the pace.

Insta Handle – @aadil_saif.

8. Hemant Meena

Want to know how photography looks like when blended with the right amount of class and attitude!

Then you got to follow this amazing photographer who is seen flaunting cool motorbikes and jeeps but when it comes to Photography he is equally talented.

He is more of a traveling soul and his Insta handle is full of photos from around India and especially Kota.

Insta Handle- @hemant.meena22

9. Jenendra Singh Solanki

Everything has an emotion but you need the right angle and eye to capture it.

If you can bring life to lifeless through photography, that means you are doing something exceptionally well. And he is the master of this field.

His Insta gallery is full of emotions and the pictures speak for themselves.

Go check it out @solanki_jenny

10. Bhasker Bulani

A Handsome hunk whose specialization lies in Videography and is constantly learning the art of Videography by his own with experiments.

Street photography is another thing that made me scroll down his Insta handle only to find out that he is into traveling too.
His gallery shows how he is learning with time and getting better at this game called Videography.

Insta Handle – @bhaskerbulani.

11. Rahul Saini

Rahul Saini runs “snap_shot_desire_for_lyf” handle on Instagram the name of the page is bit long but is filled with extremely good photos from around India but mostly colorful Rajasthan.

Want to feel the vibe of Pushkar Camel Festival, scroll down a bit and you will come across one of the best parts of his Instagram handle.

12. Kishan Nayanam

Kishan Nayanam is another bright photographer from Kota and there is a different feel, certain calmness in his photos that made my eyes glued to his Ig handle.

A person who is equally good at heart takes photos that make you feel happy.

Don’t believe me! Head to his Insta handle @kishan_nayanam

13. Arun Meena

You say street photography, we say Arun here in Kota.

This guy sure knows what to bring out of the streets every time.

The beauty that the streets of India hold no one can portray better than him.

Want to get a feel of real India.

@foto_flick is the address for it.

14. Varun

Heard of the famous saying, “A picture is a poem without words”?

I guess you have!

But have you ever felt it? Because! Not every picture is worth telling a story in itself.

Bahar-e-Dilli (Allure of Delhi)

A post shared by Varun ( on

And if that’s the case, I suggest you go to to get a feel of how it actually feels, just scroll down a bit.

Portrait photography is his other strong area.

15. Mayank Chittora 

The last one on the list, because I always save the best for the last.

Do something unique to stand out from the crowd.

This guy took this seriously.

He is into a unique kind of Photography known as Minimalism.

When I first encountered his Ig profile I thought the pictures were computer generated.

He is too good and his Insta handle is @mayank.chittora

Conclusion – Over to You:

These are the best photographers from Kota. If you guys think we overlooked someone equally talented let us know through comments or Instagram is always a faster way to connect and exchange information.

Following passion in India is not an easy task.

All these awesome photographers from Kota put all their effort and dedication to bring out the best for you guys share this article to help them get more exposure and motivate them to do better.

Let Your Friends Know about it too.Sharing is caring!


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