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Rajasthan the land of Kings will always have something in its surprise box to startle you every time. Such is a small town named Bundi, almost hiding among the Aravali Range. In this article, I am going to put in front, 8 best places to visit in Bundi.

While entering into Bundi by road you will find boards that have ” Welcome To Choti Kashi” written on them. Because of the abundance of temples in Bundi, it is also known as Choti Kashi and you may encounter a temple at every corner in Bundi.

Other than that, the narrow streets of Bundi, filled with the smell of incense stick and flavors of Indian Masala will surely find a way to your heart. It is the lesser known Blue city of Rajasthan, let’s check what does it have in its bag to explore.

8 Serene Places To Visit In Bundi – Blue City! Really?

1. Taragarh Fort

Taragarh Fort Bundi - Places to visit in Bundi

Taragarh Fort of Bundi also known as star fort was said to be one the most striking forts of all time and is the most famous place to visit in Bundi.

It indeed has its charm saved till now.

While the Taragarh Fort crowns the top of the steep hill, picturesque garh palace sits a bit down the hill.

And to add to the beauty there is a small lake at the bottom of the Hill.

2. Step Well ( Raniji Ki Baori) – Most Attractive Place To Visit In Bundi

Step Well of bundi is something, that has magnetic power in it which attracts a lot of tourist to gaze at its brilliancy.

And noone has ever left the place not admiring it.

It is one of the largest step well in Rajasthan and a must visit place in Bundi.

Get ready to amaze yourself with some mindblowing architecture.

3. Rameshwar Mahadev Temple

Rameshwar Mahadev Bundi

Rameshwar Mahadev Temple is located a bit outskirt from the main city of Bundi.

But it is an extremely soul soothing place to be at.

The Temple is dedicated to Hindu God “Shiva”, but what makes this place extra-ordinary is the waterfall that it is blessed with and the surroundings.

You will encounter a lot of local crowd here seeking blessings from the God and bathing in the natural water in order to get rid of their sin.

Make sure to take extra clothes if you wish to do the same.

4. Jait Sagar Lake – Evenings can’t get any better

Jait Sagar - Places to visit in Bundi

Jait Sagar Lake is the home to millions of flower of Lotus.

Just at a distance of 2 Kms from the Taragarh fort this place is an evening delight for the tourists.

This place turns extremely romantic during monsoon that’s why it has found a place here too – Places to visit in Rajasthan in Monsoon.

5. Hunt for the blue houses

Bundi Tourism

Many people don’t know about this small city of Rajasthan, Bundi that it has an abundance of blue houses just like Jodhpur.

Which on the other hand is extrememly popular among the tourists.

So if you are someone who likes to be in a peacefull environment rather than a place full of tourist and chaos.

Bundi can be a perfect destination for you in Rajasthan.

6. Seek blessings from Temples

Bundi is also known as “Choti Kashi” as there is an abundance of Temple.

At every corner you will encounter a Temple and people seeking blessings.

The narrow puzzling streets, sound of aarti, smell of incense sticks all over… Ahh! this place has a lot to offer you other than tourist spots.

.Internal Peace.

7. Nawal Sagar Lake:

Bundi Tourism

Nawal Sagar Lake is what welcomes you at the entrance of Bundi if you happen to come from Jaipur.

What makes this place worth visiting is the half submerged temple in the centre of lake dedicated to Lord Varun Dev.

Apart from that the reflection of Taragarh Fort in the lake is one of the best views you can get.

But this place is not well managed and you can encounter a lot of garbage around it.

8. Bhimlat Waterfall

Bhimlat Waterfall Bundi

One of the most adventurous places to visit in Bundi is Bhimlat Waterfall.

Located 38Kms from Bundi, this place will awaken the traveller in you.

The story behind the waterfall is also quite exciting, it is believed that Pandavas during their exile came here and were finding it hard to get water. So Bheem struck his foot so hard on the ground that it resulted in Waterfall.

Beleive it or not but this place is a must visit in Bundi.


I hope you liked this article on Places to visit in Bundi, if it helped you in any way do share it with your friends and family members to let them know about this serene place in Rajasthan. Also let me know through the comment if I skipped anything that should be in the list

Let Your Friends Know about it too.Sharing is caring!

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