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20+ Incredible Places to Visit in Jaipur that will make [YOU] fall in love

Jaipur, “The Pink City” is one of the most famed tourist destinations of India. There are plenty of places to visit in Jaipur and you will only crave for more and more of it.

Jaipur is a very lively place famous for its culture, festival celebrations, forts & welcoming nature of its people.

The way Jaipurite’s celebrates any festival, it is at a whole different level.

Here are the best places of Jaipur that one must visit during a trip to this magical part of Rajasthan.

20+ Incredible Places To Visit In Jaipur

1. Amer Fort – The Hall of Fame

Amer Fort - Places to visit in Jaipur
Amer Fort is one of the most beautiful forts of Rajasthan with Aravali hills in the backdrop and Maota Lake in the foreground which makes this place so picturesque.

It will bring you closer to the history of Royal Rajasthan and you can even ride inside the fort on an Elephant. How grand is that for an entry?

Sheesh Mahal or Palace of the Mirror is one of the major attractions inside the fort apart from the artistic wall paintings.

Mind Boggling Fact about Sheesh Mahal is that – This hall is made with pieces of mirror tiles in such a way that even a single ray of sunlight can illuminate the whole place. Wow!

There is even a CCD (Café Coffee Day) outlet inside the fort. And I am not kidding!

A secret tunnel goes up to the Jaigarh Fort that is No. 2 contender in places to visit in Jaipur.

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2. Jaigarh Fort

Jaigarh fort Jaipur
Jaigarh Fort is situated somewhat higher up the hills on Cheel ka Teela (Eagle’s Mountain) overlooking Amer Fort. You can either go there through the tunnel inside Amer Fort or the pathway dedicated to it.

Jaigarh fort will give you a bird’s eye view of Jaipur. The gigantic utensils, used during the times of King Reign, are still kept here. Honestly speaking they are worth watching.

Jaigarh Fort proudly houses the biggest “Canon-On-Wheel” of the world inside it.

Fact Time – The canon could fire up to 25 Km and was used only once that time when the carter landed it caused such an impact that a lake was created of about 4-5 km. Powerful though!

3. Nahargarh Fort – The Most Happening Place of Jaipur

Nahargarh - Forts in Rajasthan
Nahargarh Fort is very famous among the Jaipurite. Whenever clouds cover the entire city localities head for Nahargarh. The road to Nahargarh is quite scenic and full of greenery.

If you are a morning person and fond of watching Sunrise, I bet you won’t find a better place in the whole of Rajasthan than Nahargarh.

This is one of the best places to visit in Jaipur.

4. Hawa Mahal – Tales Of The Wind

Hawa Mahal is the world’s biggest baseless building. Can you imagine that? Such a huge building without a base!

This magnificent building is situated in one of the busiest parts of Jaipur and remains full of admirers every day.

If you want to get mind blown by its actual beauty than I would suggest you go to Wind View Café just opposite to Hawa Mahal and wait there until sunset, once It is illuminated, you will see it in its full glory.

Hawa Mahal Jaipur

It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Jaipur.

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5.City Palace – The Heart of The City

City Palace - Places to visit in Jaipur
City Palace of Jaipur is yet another marvelous piece of Art that Rajasthan boasts about. Incredible wall paintings and artistic work on the ceilings will take you back into the History.

One of the most sought-after places to visit in Jaipur will leave you speechless for sure. And if your luck game strikes, you might get to see Vintage cars over here.

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6. Jantar Mantar – The Time Machine

Jantar Mantar
Jantar Mantar is a scientific masterpiece right in the city of festivals. It was used for various calculations back in the time when King ruled.

There is a courtyard inside Jantar Mantar that tells about the Zodiac sign. I suggest you hire a Guide here, to get the most out of this place.

Jantar Mantar surely has thousands of hidden secrets underneath it that can be revealed by a Guide only, and some maybe not by anyone anymore.

It is one of the most mind-boggling places to visit in Jaipur.

7. Albert Hall Museum – The Home To The Dead

Albert Hall Jaipur
Albert Hall Museum, a grandeur building sitting in one of the most beautiful parts of the city. The pathway to Albert Hall Museum in itself is visiting worthy.

I suggest you go there on foot from Ajmeri Gate, it is just a 10 min walk from there.

Albert Hall Museum has some of the ammunition, shiny swords, dresses, extremely huge carpets, hookahs and many other things of the Royal Kings that you won’t get to see in any part of the world.

And the mummies from Egypt too.

This place shuts down at 6 in the evening but I suggest you take a tour around this at Night also, it is lit in amazing colors and looks just stunning.

8. Shopping – The Heart Lies here

Talking about Jaipur and not shopping is equal to the crime. Jaipur offers a wide range of things to its guest from artistic pottery, handmade jewelry to lovely dresses and what not.

Let’s Go Shopping. Main Markets for Shopping in Jaipur.

Kishanpole Bazar – Where the artists come alive. Famous for wooden carvings and textiles.

Nehru Bazar – Shoot for the traditional Jootis here.

Sireh Deori Bazar – Go window shopping here, and indulge in wide varieties of exclusive Leather bags, puppets, and hangings. It is near Hawa Mahal.

Bapu Bazar – It is like the all in one place for shopping. If you don’t want to roam around in different markets of Jaipur. Head to Bapu Bazar and you will find everything here.

9. Jal Mahal – The Queen Of Water

Jal Mahal Jaipur
After roaming in the streets of loud and honking Jaipur, every mind will crave for some calmness.

What better place than Jal Mahal can provide so.

Jal Mahal is a 5 story Palace inside water out of which 4 remains underwater. The only way to get closer to it was through boat but sadly it has been shut down for some reason.

This is the best places in Jaipur to witness Sunset and also for some photoshoot in Rajasthani dresses.

10.  Galta Temple

Galta Ji Temple
Galta Temple or The Monkey Temple is sadly one of the overlooked places to visit in Jaipur. Once featured on Nat Geo this place always fascinates me.

Galta Temple is hidden behind the mountains and you have to trek through the rocky mountains, encounter some monkeys in the way and there you are. The place is quite tranquil and the scene is very Picturesque.

The trek is simple and takes about half n hours to complete after following the visible trails.

A yogi is said to have meditated here for 100 years and to return the favor God blessed this region with an abundance of Water. Galta Kund (Pond) is said to have holy powers that wash away every sin.
You may also find some Yogi’s feeding Monkeys directly from there hand.

11. Abhaneri Step Well

Abhaneri Dausa
At a distance of 95 Km from Jaipur lays a city that happily displays its ruins, the name is Abhaneri.
Mostly famous for its Step Well or Baori.

The well consists of 3500 narrow steps and is 13 stories deep. Many of the famed Instagrammer from around the world come here to take pictures of this artistic well.

Due to the scarcity of water in Rajasthan, it was created to conserve water and to keep it cool the depth was taken into account.

12. Chulgiri Jain Temple – Where Peace Lies

Chulgiri Jain Temple
Chulgiri temple is one of the most famous Jain temples In Jaipur. Situated on a beautiful lush green mountain and surrounded by Aravali hills this place is must visit in Jaipur.

You can take your vehicle up to the back entrance of the temple or opt to take the 1000 steps to reach the front portion of the temple.

I suggest you take the steps as it will take you closer to nature and provides breathtaking views. But if it’s a sunny day opt for a vehicle.

13. Chokhi Dhani

Want to feel the Rajsathani vibe, taste the authentic traditional food of Rajasthan, indulge in the Kalbeliya dance, well Chokhi Dhani is the place you need to visit.

Chokhi Dhani has been able to maintain what rest of the Rajasthan is fading out of, the true essence of Rajasthan. Here you will find the mouth-watering food of Rajasthan (Dal Baati Choorma) and witness the Kalbeliya dance. Experience the lifestyle of Royal King.

The place is made such that it will make you feel that you have come to the Rajasthan way back in time. The houses made of mud and lanterns hanging outside, it’s one of the “not-to-miss” places to visit in Jaipur

14. Kanak Ghati or Kanak Vrindavan

Kanak Ghati Jaipur
Kanak Vrindavan lies in between Amer Fort and Jal Mahal, coming from Jal Mahal when the road just starts to go uphill, this is where you will find a board to Kanak Ghati.

It is a garden and there is not much to do here unless you want to take some good photos and relax.

An artificial small waterfall and sculpture of Shree Krishna Ji’s Raas Leela are the main attraction here.

15. Birla Mandir

Birla Mandir
Birla Mandir (Temple) is a marvelous piece of art, right next to the busiest road in Jaipur JLN Marg, also known as Laxmi Narayan Temple. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi and is made up of pure white marble which looks stunning under Sunlight.

There is a small museum in the basement of Temple where pictures of Birla Ji the founder of the temple is kept with great personalities.

Moti Dungri Temple is also near to it which is also one of the major tourist attraction in Jaipur.

16. Chandlai Lake – One of the hidden Places to visit in Jaipur

Chandlai Lake
Not so famous yet a beautiful lake just outside Jaipur is often overlooked by tourist. But I don’t want you to be on that list.

It’s an offbeat place in Jaipur that will take you inside the lifestyle of a small town of Rajasthan. You will encounter people trying to get water out of Handpump. Paddy fields on both side of the roads, this place is just so scenic.

And do ask the locals to get to the best part of the Lake. It is a heaven for the bird watchers.

17. Gaurav Tower or GT – The Connaught Place of Jaipur

Gaurav Tower jaipur
The place where the Jaipurites Hangout mostly youngsters, just wait for the evening and the crowd will suddenly increase just like the temperature of Rajasthan.

You can do shopping here in the basement but make sure you have the art of bargaining unless don’t.

You will find every kind of fast food stalls here. Momos and Golgappe (Patashe or Puchka) are must try here. There are even big outlets like McDonald’s, CCD, Subway and Burger King.

When In GT, ask anyone for GVD’s café, if you are fond of cold coffee. This is one of the most famous coffee shops in Jaipur. But honestly its quality has decreased a lot so I personally prefer Vandey’s coffee just next to GVD’s.Thanks, me later.

18. Govind Dev Ji Temple

Located in the complex of City Palace, Jaipur has a great Vaishnava Temple known as Govind Dev Ji. This temple has a deity of Lord Krishna and is considered to be one of the 7 major temples of Thakur of Vrindavan. This place remains fully packed during Janmasthmi.

Myth or Common Belief – It is said that the images of Lord Krishna inside the temple resembled the original form of Krishna during incarnation of Earth.

This is a must visit place in Jaipur to fill oneself with spirituality.

19. Sagar Lake

Sagar Lake Jaipur - Unexplored places of Rajasthan
A tranquil place lying somewhere between Jaigarh and Amer fort hiding amidst the mountains is one the lesser known places to visit in Jaipur.

Sagar Lake is often misunderstood as Man Sagar lake where Jal Mahal is located and people end up not visiting it.

It was actually made to be used during water crisis and was made such that it was not easily visible.

A visit to this place will take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and closer to nature.


20. Sambhar Lake – “The White Desert”

Sambhar Lake
Sambhar Lake sits 85 km from Jaipur and it is one of the largest saltwater lakes in India. What you witness here is extremely unbelievable, going into the pure Rajasthani village life with white barren land on both sides of the road.

(USP – Movies like P.K, Delhi 6, Ramleela and many more have been shot here. Start a conversation with the locals and they will tell you everything.)

This place is emerging as the new hotspot for youngsters who come here in bikes or cars. Spend a night under the sky with millions of twinkling stars inside the white barren land.

The white land turns into somewhat bluish once the moonlight touches the salt lake.

Best Time To Visit – Winters (November to March)

Advice – Never visit it during monsoon it turns into a swamp.

21. Food To Try In Jaipur

Pandit Pav Bhaji Jaipur

(Pandit Pav Bhaji Jaipur – Credits @Hushguide)

While on the hunt to explore places to visit in Jaipur, don’t forget to indulge in the delicious food that the city has to offer. Being the capital city of Rajasthan, it has a wide range of varieties of food.

But when in Rajasthan, eat what the Rajasthani’s eat.

The top pick will be Dal Baati Churma at Chokhi Dhani or Laxmi Misthan Bhandar. Mawa Kachori at Rawat Mishtan Bhandar and if you are craving for Non-Veg head to M.N Khan restaurant.

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22. Masala Chowk – Every Foodies Dream

Masala Chowk is a whole new idea of bringing the most famous food joints of Jaipur under one roof in Ram Niwas Bagh. For now, it has 21 popular shops from Gulabji Chai wala to Samrat Kachoris.

If you are a foodie, I can’t suggest you a better place than this.

It also has an open theatre where you can watch a live cultural performance, with a capacity of 500 people.

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