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This is the Pushkar Travel Guide, where I will be walking you through the best places to visit in Pushkar.

But before we start on the Pushkar Travel guide, let me tell you some famous and interesting facts about Pushkar that you should know before your trip to Pushkar.

Let’s move to the Pushkar Travel Guide and see:

Places to Visit in Pushkar | The Pushkar Travel Guide

1. Brahma Temple – Most famous place to visit in pushkar

Brahma Ji who is believed to be the creator of Universe according to Hindus has only 5 temples dedicated to him in India out of which the Pushkar’s temple being the first and the most prominent as well as popular one.

Brahma Temple - Places to visit in pushkar

This temple is also known as Jagatpita Brahma Mandir.

The temple is located on the banks of Pushkar Lake on Brahma Ghat. Attending evening prayers here will fill you with spirituality.
It is definitely a must visit place in Pushkar.

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2. Majestic Ghats of Pushkar

Places to visit in Pushkar

There is some supernatural power in these Ghats of Pushkar, the simple looking lake has something in it which will soothe you from inside out just by watching it.

It fills you with peace and a different kind of energy that you will never experience anywhere in the world.

There are many Ghats around the Lake and every Ghat has something unique about itself and a story behind.

Some of the popular ghats being – Brahma, Varaha, Jaipur, Gau and Kota Ghat.

This is the most famous place to visit in Pushkar and obviously the main reason behind people coming here in large number.

3. Savitri Mata Temple – Highest Place to visit in Pushkar

Goddess Savitri is the first wife of Brahma Ji and there is a temple dedicated to her on the Ratnagiri temple a few kilometers from the main Pushkar and a must visit place in Pushkar.

The trek to Savitri Mata temple is very strenuous but it is said that the more hard work you do during the hike it gains you more “Tapas”.

Savitri temple - Places to visit in Pushkar
View from Savitri temple

Cable car service is also available here but still, devotees prefer to take the hard way as it reduces their sins.

Timings: 5 Am to 12 pm and 4 pm to 9 pm.

There is a legend behind the rise of this temple that says once Brahma Ji was performing a Yagna on the bank of Pushkar lake where the presence of Goddess Savitri was required. But she got late and the holy moment was passing by so Brahma Ji married another girl to complete the ritual.

Savitri Temple Entrance
Entrance of the temple

Seeing this Goddess Savitri got very upset and cursed everyone present there and later on moved to Ratnagiri temple to sacrifice for her deeds and changed into a river.

There is still a stream of water flowing here.

4. Rangji temple – One of the best places to visit in Pushkar

Rangji temple is located near the main chowk of Pushkar. It was a bit hard to find this temple but Google maps did a good job to find it at the end.

Rangji Temple Pushkar

This is a very beautiful temple and the one that follows extreme rules inside it. This is a must visit place in Pushkar but once you are here prepare to follow the rules.

4. Gurudwara

If you are coming to Pushkar from Rajasthan Roadways bus, then the place where the bus halts in Pushkar. You will find this huge Gurudwara near it.

It is one of the places to visit in Pushkar where you can offer your blessings. The surroundings are very calm and peaceful.

4. Rose Field

Not many people know about this but Pushkar is referred to as the Rose Garden of Rajasthan.

Farmers here grow a wide variety of Roses that are exported all over the world.

It is one of the coolest places to visit in Pushkar and spending some time in these fields, filled with the fragrance of rose all around is very refreshing.

5. Explore the Desert

Apart from the world famous Ghats, you can also explore the great Sahara Desert and the rustic village life of people living in these deserts.

Just 3-4 km from the main city of Pushkar, you can enjoy camel ride and night stay in the desert and spend your night under a billion stars.

6. Yoga Garden

Yoga Garden is another reason that attracts a lot of foreigners around the globe to Pushkar.

If you are also looking for calmness in your life or facing any mental trauma or just want to energize yourself. Yoga Garden is the place you need to head to.

Yoga gardens are located just near the Gurudwara

7. Merta

Merta happens to be the birthplace of Meera Bai – a true devotee of Lord Krishna.

Due to her selfless devotion towards Lord Krishna, Meera bai is also worshipped.

Other than that Merta has seen a lot of wars in the past which makes it a popular place to visit in Pushkar.

If you make it to Merta, do attend the aarti at Charbhuja temple that takes place between 5:30 am to 6:30 AM.

8. Bazaars of Pushkar

Bazaars in Pushkar leaves no stone unturned to offer irresistible colorful handicrafts, wall hanging, paintings and what not.

You will be given too many options to buy things in the colorful market of Pushkar.


If you are someone who loves to meet people from all around the world and exchange stories. Pushkar is the best place to be in Rajasthan.

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Let Your Friends Know about it too.Sharing is caring!

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