Street food in Jaipur

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Street Food In Jaipur is a delight to everyone. The Lip-smacking street food of Jaipur is going to leave “You” spellbound for sure.

The Pink City” otherwise famous for its fort, won’t disappoint a Foodie’s stomach and they even serve a Paan on Fire, read the article to find out where.

From mouthwatering Pani Puri to mysterious tea you are going to find everything here.

Local Food In Jaipur has got flavors from all around India that too with a pinch of Rajasthani style added to it. Are you feeling it?

Let’s see what’s inside the Streets of Jaipur for [You].

Street Food In Jaipur – A Foodies Tale from Pink City

1. Tea – Kickstart Your Morning with Delicious Tea.

Tea (Chai) for some unknown reasons has gained a lot of popularity in India during recent times. People of India aren’t a coffee person & they like to start their day with a whiff of Ginger and Cardamom going up their Nostrils to give a refreshing beginning to the day.

Jaipur is blessed with two tea making artist and both of them know how to win the heart of people over a cup of tea.

Two of the most famous street food in Jaipur is Chai (Tea) at Sahu and Gulab Ji Chaiwala. While you can enjoy crunchy & hot Samosa at Sahu Restaurant accompanied by tea, Muska bun at Gulabji will melt in your mouth in time too.

Sahu Restaurant Address  Shop No. 365, Chaura Rasta, Bapu bazar, Jaipur.
Gulabji Chaiwala – B5, Sindhi Camp, Jaipur.

In case of lack of time and you are to choose only one, I will advise you go for Sahu Restaurant over Gulabji.

2. Lassi – Sweet & Sour Heavenly Drink

What do I say about this?

It is a usual drink here in Rajasthan, a land on earth that have to bear scorching heat for 8 months in a year. Lassi is a heat buster & I have been a fan of Lassi since childhood, the sweet and sour drink had a special place in my Heart.

But when I drank lassi at Lassiwala, it blew away my mind. It was something else, the taste, texture, thickness everything was on point. You just can’t get enough of it.

The shop has been in Jaipur since 1944, even before India got independence.

And boy! They have been able to maintain quality since forever. I have to say this that it is the best street food in Jaipur.

But beware there are 3 other shops in the same row that are trying to fool people with the same name but quality, its nowhere near theirs.

You have to go For Lassiwala since 1944 Kishan Lal Govind Agarwal on 312, M.I Road, Jaipur.

Timing – 7 Am to 3 Pm. Lassi gets sold out like fire in the woods, grab yours soon.

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3. Gol Gappe or Pani Puri – Spicy Balls of Happiness

No one has ever been able to find out the reason why females in India are so in love with Golgappe.
I mean they go restless overseeing a GolGappe wale bhaiya and they are everywhere.

These small irresistible crunchy round shaped balls with a hole in it to fill the spicy water are a treat to both mouth and heart.

And Jaipur is the best place to know, what so heavenly about these Panipuris.

There are 3 famous outlets for Golgappe in Jaipur that you can try:

Nand Chat Bhandar at Fashion St, Raja Park, Jaipur
Lalaji Patashi Wala on Kishore Nivas, Tripolia Bazaar, Modikhana.
Chawla’s Golgappe at G1, Shree Gopal Towers, Krishna Marg, C Scheme.

Golgappe is certainly the best street food in Jaipur and if you can’t make it to these stalls, you can try it anywhere. Every street has a popular Patashiwala.

4. Pakode at Saras Parlour

In the hunt for street food in Jaipur, Pakodes are quite a contender. Saras Parlour on JLN Marg is famous for many things like Smoothies, Rabri, shakes and Doodh jalebi during winters but Pakodes, they are evergreen.

Paneer Pakode is a must try here. Everything you order here will be freshly made as it is the main outlet of Saras Parlour. The place remains packed in the evening with Office goers and food lovers from the city.

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5.  Sanjay Omelette

This shop is owned by Sanjay – a MasterChef contestant, who knows how to and what to do with an egg to make it an extraordinary one.

If you have a thing for egg, don’t miss out on this shop. It serves almost 150 different varieties made with egg.

Egg pizza and Egg Rabri are must try here. You can also go for Obama Omelette.

The shop runs on the tagline “Happiness is in sharing”, with this mindset it has now opened outlets in Ajmer, Ahmedabad, and Jabalpur too.

This is one of the most unique street food in Jaipur. Not the Omelette but the varieties.

Where to find Egg Dee by Sanjay – At Janta Store Shopping center, Bapu Nagar.

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6.  Chicken Tikka at Sethi Bar-be-que

Aah! So You like Chicken! Just like me.

Did you also think that Jaipur has no good option for Non-Veg Lovers like many other people?
Well, it’s certainly so very wrong.

Chicken Tikka at Sethi’s is one of the most famous street foods in Jaipur.

The smell around this place can make anyone go mad and you will end up eating more than normal.

Must try at Sethi’s is Lahsooni chicken tikka; this finger-licking tikka will melt in your mouth as soon as it enters, the essence of Lahsoon (Garlic) will work as a food appetizer.

Another delicious item is Hariyali Chicken Tikka.

Where – Panchwati Circle, Raja Park.

7. Pav Bhaji at Pandit

You say Pav Bhaji, Jaipurites say Pandit Pav Bhaji such is the craze this small vendor has been able to create.

And this didn’t happen to own its own, it was the result of mouth-watering bhaji perfectly blended with spices, extra gorgeous buttery pav, served with spicy chatni that attracted people from all parts of Jaipur.

You are in Jaipur, this is a must try street food in Jaipur.

Where – In front of Birla Mandir.

8. Mawa Kachori At Rawat

Mawa kachori of Rawat is something that needs no introduction. Although it has been in Jaipur for years but has gained an insane amount of popularity in the last decade or so.

Everyone who comes to Jaipur seems to know about this place.

So, I can only say one thing. Do share your experiences about these soft sugary Mawa kachori.

It is certainly one of the most popular street foods in whole Rajasthan.

Where – Just near the flyover of Station Road, Sindhi Camp, opposite Polo Victory.

9. Kulfi Faaloda at Bapu Bazar

Its Jaipur and it is going to be hot here. Don’t run for ice creams & soft drink when you are in Jaipur, it has got something special for you.

They don’t stand a chance in front of Kulfi Faaloda.

Indian Ice Cream and Kulfi Faaloda serving delicious kulfi for more than 35 years now in the heart of Bapu Bazar remains full of customers enjoying the tasty falooda.

The falooda comes loaded with kulfi and fresh rabri that will take you closer to nirvana.

I highly recommend you try this street food of Jaipur and thank me later.

Shop Name & Address – Indian Ice Cream and Kulfi Faaloda, Shop no. 28, Bapu Bazaar.

10. Cold Coffee

Cold Coffee is something Jaipurites are proud of and why not there are many places where one can enjoy delicious coffee.

It is one of the most consumed drinks in Jaipur.

Whether it is a weekday or weekend, it doesn’t matter. Gyan Vihar Dairy is always full of regular customers. One of the most famous cold coffee joints in Jaipur near Gaurav Tower (GT). You can also try Vandey’s coffee just near to GVD they give quite a competition to GVD.

The other one is Café Heart of Mansarovar. The recipe that this joint use is still a mystery and the taste, it is the best. My Favorite Coffee place of Jaipur.

cold coffee jaipur
Coffee at Statue Circle loaded with choco chips

The last one is famous as Statue Circle ki Coffee, this is located in a prime location and is crowded with wealthy people dressed in business suits and that reflects in the price too. It is quite costlier than other two joints but if you love lots of choco chips in your Coffee. I can’t suggest you a better place than this.

11.ShriKhand At Falahar

Shrikhand is a heavenly sweet dish from Rajasthan.

And Falahar knows how to add more flavors to it. Falahar is usually a shop that comes into life during fasting (Vrat) as they mainly focus on food that is consumed during fast.

Shrikhand is usually eaten after food as a dessert, sprinkled with kesar and cardamom. It is made with yogurt.

Where – Sarogi Mansion Mall, Ground Floor, Mirza Ismail Road.

12. Rabri Ghevar at LMB

Rabri Ghevar is a mouth-watering traditional Rajasthani sweet dish in Jaipur which just tastes exceptionally good.
The disc-shaped Ghevar filled with sugar syrup and Rabri on top of it will give you serious food goals for a lifetime.

If you ever visit Jaipur, you just can’t miss Ghevar at LMB (Laxmi Misthan Bhandar) at Johari Bazaar Road, Sector -3, Malviya Nagar.

13. Takeaway M.I Road

This is my favorite go-to place whenever I crave for Non-veg in Jaipur. It is a very small dhabha that is crowded with foreigners located on M I Road opposite Petrol Pump.

The Stove used to make Kabab is placed outside and the whole place smells of chicken & spices used that just makes you go crazy.

Must try things here are – Hara Bhara Kabab, Boneless chicken. They also serve fish but I haven’t tasted it yet.

Note– There are many shops named as Takeaway but the one I’m talking about is the last one in the row when you go from Panchbatti towards Sindhi Camp and there is a Petrol Pump just opposite to it.

14.  Delhi Chaat Bhandar

There are many Chaatwale bhaiya in Jaipur but no one matches the quality and taste that Delhi Chaat Bhandar has been able to maintain.

Chaat the name itself act as a food appetizer for many including me. As soon I hear its name I go daydreaming about the flavor that flows out of it. The perfect mixture that looks eye-pleasing is surely going to make you its fan.

What I will recommend you to try at Delhi Chaat will be:

  • Chinese Bhel
  • Aloo Tiki
  • Dahi Bada and the rest depends on you.

Where – D-95 Madho Singh Circle, Bani Park, Jaipur.

15. Paan

Paan is a mouth freshener that is enjoyed all over India and so popular that there is even a Song over it.
Jaipur has got many famous paanwala that makes it a must try street food in Jaipur.

Paan is actually a preparation combining Betel leaf, nuts, cherry, and Gulkaand that you should try after food as it helps in digesting food.

If you want to try soft sweet paan that melts in your mouth.

Go to Murli  Paan Bhandar at Tonk Road, near Tonk Phatak.

But if you want to do something adventurous like eating a pan that is on fire head to Annu Mobile Pan Bhandar in Mansarovar.
Where – Shop No. 28, Meera Marg. Watch some videos for inspiration.

16. Kaish Momos

This is where I had spent most of my evening eating the yummylicious Momos by Kaish Momos. It is a small stall that is getting popular with each day and the crowd seems bigger & bigger every time.

Although the stall is nowhere near the main city what I figured out is that the smell of good food goes a great distance and this totally suits Kaish Momos.

The other attraction remains the cloud of fire that bursts out when Vinegar is sprinkled over Momos, and the owner seems to entertain its customer too.

Caution – The chutney served is extra spicy that can bring tears In your eyes.
Where  – Opposite to Haldighati Marg, Pratap Nagar, Jaipur.

Note:- On the way to Chokhi Dhani you will cross this stall do ask your driver to stop at Haldighati Marg if you happen to go there.

17. Masala Chowk

I call Masala Chowk as Foodies Paradise. If you visit Jaipur in a tight schedule and don’t have time to roam around the city to enjoy the street food in Jaipur.

Well no worries, all the famous street food joints of Jaipur are opened under one roof in Masala Chowk.

And they have taken care of the entertainment as well. There is a live cultural show going on with a seating capacity of 500 people.

Note – Although it is a good place to try the street foods of Jaipur if you want to try the authentic taste that is going on for years I suggest you visit the actual shops. Because the art of making food lies in the hand of the real master, not the recipe.

Over To You:

These are the famous street foods in Jaipur, do share your experiences and let other people know what you liked the most on streets of Jaipur.

If you think I have not included any famous street food joint. Do let me know through comment section.

Happy eating.

Let Your Friends Know about it too.Sharing is caring!


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