Unexplored Places In Rajasthan

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If you have been looking for unexplored places in Rajasthan, you have come to the right place.

I understand this, you are looking for something different, something not everyone has been to.

You are bored of going to the same place every time.

Whenever you ask anyone to tell you some places to visit in Rajasthan, you always get a cliche answer.

Oh dude! Just visit Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer…

And you are like “as if I don’t know about these places”.

Don’t worry anymore I have got you all covered.

I tried to find all the lesser known destinations in Rajasthan and put them here in a single post. I bet you won’t find all these places anywhere else over the Internet.

Let’s dive in:

16 Unexplored Places in Rajasthan That Very Few People Have Been To:

1. Rawatbhata: The Eternal Beauty

What if I tell you there is a place in Rajasthan that is totally opposite to what people think of it as.

Let me ask you a question first. What comes to your mind when you think about Rajasthan?

A place with lots of sand, forts, and scarcity of water obviously, duh!

But there is a small town named Rawatbhata in Chittorgarh district just 60 Km from Kota. A place full of greenery, water streams, waterfalls, picturesque mountains & fresh air.

Fortunately, it is not widely talked about over the Internet that’s why it is an unspoiled place till now. Apart from the greenery, it houses one of the oldest temple named Baroli temple.

Two insanely beautiful waterfalls – Chulia and Padajhar.

Padajhar Waterfall Rawatbhata

Padajhar Waterfall – Credits @Hushguide

Rawatbhata is one of the most beautiful unexplored places in Rajasthan.

(I wrote an article on places to visit in Rawatbhata do check it out for more information.)

How to reach – Kota is the nearest big city to Rawatbhata. From Kota regular bus ply to Rawatbhata.

You can also hire a bike from Kota.

2. Todgarh: Silk Route Of Rajasthan

Todgarh is something that is extremely untouched & unheard place of Rajasthan with all the capabilities of turning into a tourist HubSpot.

The only things it lacks is the marketing and an eye to promote tourism in this part. It is located in Rajsamad district and the nearest city is Beawar.


The road till Dudhleshwar temple in Todgarh is made in form of Serpent that looks similar to silk route of Sikkim and is known as Katar Ghati.

Todgarh Falls somewhere between Delhi-Udaipur Highway.

3. Sambhar: The Land of Salt Lake

Jaipur is one of the most visited tourist destinations in India but still, there is a hidden gem lying in the vicinity of Jaipur that most people don’t know about.

Sambhar is a small village just 85 Kms from Jaipur. It has India’s one of the largest saltwater lake.

In recent year it has become widely popular amongst the youth but still remains one of the unexplored places in Rajasthan.

Sambhar Lake - Unexplored Places in Rajasthan

You get to see the vast land of salt as far as you can see and mountains in the backdrop.

The night at Sambhar has many more secrets to unfold, the salt lake turns into a bluish vast desert as soon as the moonlight touches it. During the night one can stay at Shakmbhari Mata temple and watch millions of star.

Shocking Thing About Sambhar:
Sambhar village is one of the popular destinations for filmmakers even the blockbuster movie P.K was shot here along with Raamleela, Delhi 6 and many other.

Perfect for Bikers, Backpackers, Nature lovers.

How to reach – Hire a bike or a Car in Jaipur. And ride till Sambhar. From there Shakambhri Mata temple is 15-20 Km.
Best Time To Visit – Winters ( Nov- March), avoid going in Monsoons as it turns into a swamp.

4. Banswara: The Land of Hundred Islands

Banswara is also known as the “city of hundred islands” which got its name Banswara due to the abundance of Bans or Bamboo forests.
It tops the list of unexplored places in Rajasthan as it is not located near any of the highly visited tourist destinations of Rajasthan.

Jua Waterfalls and Mahi Dam are one of the most famous attractions here along with many lakes.


Chacha Kota is a place in Banswara that is full of greenery, lakes, hillocks, and forests. If you are a nature lover who wants to spend time in solitude this is the place you should head to.

The view from here is absolutely worth dying for.

Best Time To Visit – During Monsoon or Post Monsoon when it becomes all green and full of water.

How to Reach: Take a train till Ratlam from there it is only 60 Kms.

5. Khimsar: An Oasis in the Desert

I’m pretty sure you have seen a movie in which few people get lost in the desert and keep wandering in the never-ending sand dunes and then suddenly they see a place with trees and water bodies.

It happens to them because they are too thirsty, so their mind turns their imagination into reality. But in actuality, there is nothing other than sand.

But what if I tell you there is a place exactly similar to it around 100 km from Jodhpur the name is Khimsar.

Khimsar - Most unexplored place in rajasthan

Khimsar is a Hamlet, that can be reached with the help of local drivers only. It boasts a water body and few trees around in the middle of nowhere.

Certainly once in a lifetime experience. Khimsar is certainly one of the most untouched & unexplored places in Rajasthan

6. Alwar: A Place Where People Never Say No To Tea

The city of Alwar is located almost equidistant from both Jaipur and Delhi still it is one of the unexplored places in Rajasthan.

And if you are thinking why you should even visit Alwar, let me tell you a few places that are going to leave you awestruck.

Bala Quila Fort of Alwar sits atop a hill and is no less than Nahargarh Fort of Jaipur, and in my opinion, it somewhat provides a better view than Nahargarh.

At one side of it, you get to see dotted houses and at other breathtaking views of lush green Aravali Range.

Even the way up to the fort is full of enchanting views, steep curvy roads and few monkeys here and there.

There is an endless list of attractions here: Siliserh Lake, Garwaji Waterfall, Naldeshwar shrine, Bhartriji, Moosi Maharani Ki Chhatri and for the people wild at heart there is Sariska Wildlife sanctuary.

World Famous heritage hotel “Neemra Fort” is also here

7. Bhimlat Waterfall

I’m pretty sure you haven’t heard about this place if you don’t belong to Kota, Bundi or nearby places.

Bhimlat Waterfall is located 35kms from Bundi and lies in Bhilwara district.

According to the locals these gigantic waterfalls are believed to be made by Bheem during the vanvas of Pandavas.


Bhimlat Waterfall Bundi

Photo by – @Rajendra Rathore

The water falls from a height of 60 meters making a gushing sound that is too soothing to hear.

It is surely a lesser known and an unexplored place in Rajasthan. Wait for the monsoon and do visit this place.

8. Bahubali Hills

Thousands of people visit the lake city Udaipur every month.

Famous for the City Palace, jaw-dropping sunset points and the mesmerizing lakes.

But have you heard of the Bahubali Hills? I am pretty sure you haven’t.

Just 12 Kms from the main city bahubali hills are located near Badi lake.

One has to trek for 15-20 minutes to reach to the top.

Bahubali hills udaipur

And the view from up here is mindboggling.

So if you want to visit an unexplored place in Udaipur Bahubali hills are the one.

9. Garadia Mahadev Kota: Grand Canyon Of Rajasthan

Kota has emerged as the Education city of India in the last 3 decades.

But a few people around the world know about Garadia Mahadev Temple of Kota.

It is popularly called the Grand Canyon Of Rajasthan due to its resemblance with the actual one.

This place is next to heaven. A perfect example of a place through the woods into the woods.

Garadia Mahadev Kota

It got some popularity from the famous advertisement by Rajasthan Tourism due to which it has started to show some traction in the number of tourists.

But still, it is mostly visited by localities. So if you have been looking for unexplored places in Rajasthan, you got Garadia Mahadev.

Best time to Visit – During or Post Monsoon when its beauty is at peak. Winters are the second best time.

How to Reach: You need your own vehicle to reach here. There are many suppliers in Kota who gives bike on rent at cheap prices.

10. Amer Sagar Lake

One of the well-kept secrets of Jaipur is Amer Sagar lake that people often get confused with Man Sagar Lake in which Jal Mahal is located.

Amer Sagar Lake is different from that and was built in the 17th century to get rid of the water scarcity.

It is located in between Amer Fort and Jaigarh fort but is one the lesser known place in Jaipur.

Sagar Lake Jaipur - Unexplored places of Rajasthan

If you happen to visit Amer Fort, do pay a visit to this picturesque lake amidst the mountains.

Amer Sagar will take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city and if solitude is what you seek for, Sagar lake is a must visit for you.

11. Bharatpur


Bharatpur -Unexplored places in Rajasthan
Bharatpur houses one of the most impregnable forts in Rajasthan The Lohagarh Fort which resisted almost 13 attacks from British rulers.

Known as the worlds most fascinating bird reserve Keoladeo is also in Bharatpur where around 300 species of birds migrate every year.

Widely overlooked by tourists makes it to one of the unexplored places in Rajasthan

12. Jhalawar: Having the Only Water Fort

Jhalawar is one of the most colorful cities of Rajasthan with different types of flora and fauna dotting the city.

This city undoubtedly remains of the unexplored places in Rajasthan.

It houses the Gagron Fort that is among the 6 hill forts in Rajasthan which are declared as world heritage site by UNESCO.

Gagron Fort Jhalawar

Gagron fort is the only water fort in Rajasthan, that is surrounded by waters from 3 sides and there is a pathway over the river Kali Sindhi from which one can reach the fort.

If you are looking for somewhat more offbeat destinations you can go to the Kolvi village located 90 km from Jhalawar where the Buddhist Caves are located.

13. Barmer: For the love of Sand

Want to see the rustic side of Rajasthan and why it is called the hottest state of India.

Barmer is the place to go.

Although I will highly recommend not to visit it during summers as the temp may rise up to 51-degree Celsius.

Barmer is the fifth largest district of Rajasthan and has quite a part of Thar desert in it.

Barmer Sand dunes

While you can enjoy Camping in sand dunes in Jaisalmer but Barmer will give you a different feel with very fewer people around you.

The best time to visit Barmer is March when a famous festival is organized here.

14. Bundi: The Choti Kashi

Bundi is a small town located 40 Kms from Kota popularly known as the “Choti Kashi” due to the abundance of temples.

It resembles like Jodhpur when seen from Above, the blue dotted houses and the mountains in the backdrop makes it more picturesque.


Taragarh Fort is also situated in Bundi that is believed to be the first hill forts in Rajasthan.

Ranijji Ki Baori and Jait Singh Lake are also there to take your heart away.

Bundi even being such a romantic city still remains an unexplored place in Rajasthan maybe due to the lack of development.

If you want to feel the old rustic town of Rajasthan that is not visited by many tourists head for Bundi.

How to reach: Nearest Airport Jaipur – From Jaipur one can opt for a train to Kota and then a bus till Bundi

Or A bus ride from Jaipur to Bundi. (190 Kms)

15. Bhangarh Fort: Most Haunted Place in India

Looking for some adrenaline rush, this place is surely going to pump your blood at a higher pace than usual.

Bhangarh Fort is the most haunted place in India.

It is basically a fortified fort located at the foot of Aravali hills in Alwar District.

Bhangarh fort

What’s the story of Bahangarh?

Bhangarh Fort is said to be cursed by a wizard who said that no one will be able to live inside the fort and it has happened to work very well.

Since then this place is abandoned and the area around it as well

Even today villagers living nearby have heard the sound of evening prayers coming from the temple inside the fort.

They believe that prayers are performed by the spirits haunting the place.

16. Abhaneri: Sustaining the Rajasthani culture 

Abhaneri was originally named Abha Nagri whose literal meaning is “City of Brightness“.

It is located 95Km from Jaipur in Dausa District that proudly represents the culture of Rajasthan and famous dance forms like Kalbelia, Ghoomar, and Bhawai.

Chand Baori, the deepest and the largest stepwell in India, is situated in Abhaneri only.

Abhaneri Dausa

It was built to store water and keep it cool.

Other attraction here is Harshat Mata temple.

If you visit Jaipur, do make time to visit this architectural beauty of Rajasthan.

Over To You:  Please Share Your Views 

How many places were you aware of you already?

Which place are you going to make a trip to straightaway?

If you think I missed any other hidden gem of Rajasthan, do let me know through comments.

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  1. Excellent post, Sudeep!! it never ceases to amaze me how big Rajasthan actual is. i had visited Jaisalmer during my last trip and was mesmerized by its majestic fort. this is quite an impressive list of unexplored places. the top of my list to visit is the Bhangarh Fort. want to know if the myths of ghosts and spirits are true.. 🙂

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